Other Baby Colic Remedies

Baby colic problem can prove to be really painful for your baby and troublesome for mothers too. There is no specific cause of baby colic and that’s why there are many different ways to treat it depending on the believed causes. Gripe Water for babies is widely accepted remedy for colic related to indigestion, teething and gas. But, there are a number of other baby colic remedies that parents can use in case Gripe Water doesn’t work for their colicky baby.

The alternatives to Gripe Water, Baby Colic Drops and Tablets are available in the market that are also seen to provide relief to the baby suffering from colic. Here are few other Baby Colic Remedies that you might want to consider for your baby.


Baby Colic Drops & Tablets

Baby Colic Drops are based on Probiotics that works with the bacteria present in the intestine of the baby and helps in improving digestion and reduce crying time for babies. Some Colic Drops brands also claim that they are clinically proven for relieving baby colic but the results vary from baby to baby. Below is the list of best Colic Drops and Tablets for babies.



Apart from all the colic remedies mentioned above, there are a number of Natural Remedies for Baby Colic that are alternative to Gripe Water. We hope these remedies will help to calm your baby’s colic problems.

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