How to Give Gripe Water to Your Baby

How to Give Gripe Water to Your Baby : Step by Step

If you’re a new mom (or dad) and your lovely little baby wouldn’t stop crying because of colic, then you might want to consider Gripe Water as a solution. But, before you give any Gripe Water to your baby, you should know about the side effects of gripe water and most importantly How to Give Gripe Water? So, today I am sharing a complete step by step process of giving Gripe Water to infants and newborn babies. I would recommend moms to read these steps very carefully and follow them when to prepare to feed gripe water to your little one.


How to Give Gripe Water?

Many parents are new at feeding liquid supplements and medications to their babies, especially at such a young age. So, it is necessary to understand the correct way of giving liquid medicines like Gripe water to your baby.  As recommended by experts, I have compiled this guide on How to Use Gripe Water.


Things Required

  • An alcohol, sucrose free Gripe Water (Click here for Gripe Water Brands)
  • A clean and calibrated dropper.
  • A clean and dry bottle/container.
  • Baby wipes for cleaning in case your baby spills it.


Directions for Use of Gripe Water

  • Correct Dosage: Always check for the correct dosage of Gripe Water on the bottle or as prescribed by the pediatrician. Imbalanced dosage can be harmful to your baby and may lead to allergies and other problems.


  • Use Dropper: Use the clean and calibrated dropper/dispenser and fill it up to the prescribed volume. Dropper helps in releasing gripe water slowly and steadily that makes it easier for your baby to swallow it. Calibrated dropper is even better because you can measure the right quantity to be given.


  • Mixing: Do NOT mix Gripe water with any other liquid. Always remember some Gripe water contains chemical formulations that can react if mixed with any other liquid like milk etc. Many brands even mention this warning on their packages to alert parents about it.


  • Positioning your baby: Make your baby sit upright, and turn his or her head a little to the side. An upright position will help gripe water flow easily to the stomach and would avoid any gagging. Do not pour Gripe water or any other liquid supplement in the mouth of your baby while laying on back.


  • Giving Gripe Water: Give the gripe water slowly, by pouring at the side of the mouth inside the baby’s cheek. Do NOT press the dropper too hard and avoid squirting all of it at once. If done so, there are chances your baby will spit it out completely due to discomfort.


  • Avoid Choking: Do NOT aim straight back towards the throat. Otherwise, you baby may choke. Choking could be really very dangerous for babies especially at a young age, therefore, proper precautions are necessary.


  • Allow Time in Between: Give in small amounts at a time and wait before giving next dose. Babies cannot gulp as fast as adults do, therefore, do not hasten the process. Once you give a drop or two of Gripe Water, wait until he or she swallows it completely. Then only put it in the next drops.

NOTE: Always consult with your pediatrician before giving an infant liquid supplements and/or medications.



I hope you’ve read and understood all the directions of use of Gripe Water. These would surely suffice as the answer to our main question ‘How to give Gripe Water to babies?‘. Always remember that using Gripe Water for baby colic does not necessarily help in relieving baby colic issues but most mothers have seen positive results.

Apart from the above process of giving gripe water, you must also read these tips for using Gripe Water. These will help you in taking proper care of baby suffering from colic problems.

If you have any queries or suggestions that may help mothers, then feel free to share them in comments.

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