Gripe Water Uses for Babies

Gripe Water Uses

Gripe Water Uses: Gripe water is a very effective and an old-fashioned remedy that your great-grandmother has used in her old days to relief colic problems and gastrointestinal troubles in babies. The colic problem in babies cannot be taken for granted because it can lead to many severe issues if not treated well. Till date, many of the mothers don’t know about the correct uses of Gripe water. On this page, we have compiled almost everything that a mother of a newly born baby must need to know; whether it is, how to use gripe water or tips for using gripe water in a correct manner.


Gripe Water Uses

When you’re a mother of a newborn, you can’t just ignore Gripe Water Uses. It is the remedy used for multiple problems that newborn babies suffer. Below is the list of uses of Gripe Water that every mother should know.

  • When your baby is teething, they feel fussy and uneasy and because of that they usually cry a lot and breathe more air irregularly. This causes them to take more air which can lead to the wind. Gripe water is used to settle a teething baby and ease the wind.
  • Gripe water is used to treat heartburn, indigestion, and wind as it contains sodium bicarbonate which works as an antacid and neutralizes the acid produced in the Stomach of a baby. Sodium Bicarbonate is one of the main ingredients of a gripe water.
  • Gripe Water is used to treat trapped wind and gas inside your baby stomach. It relaxes your baby’s tummy by breaking down the trapped air bubbles inside and way them towards outside in the form of Burp.
  • Research shows when your baby is teething, their salivary glands are working overtime and produces the acidic chemical which upsets the baby’s stomach. At that time, gripe water is the best remedy to use for your little baby.
  • In earlier times, Alcohol is one of the ingredients of gripe water that help babies to catch up on their sleep, However, due to health and safety concerns, today’s gripe water is alcohol-free. Many mothers still believe in giving the gripe water to the babies, if they are screaming for hours, then the temporary relief of it make their babies fall asleep.
  • Gripe water is used to treat colic problems in babies. The cause of the colic problem in babies is still a mystery and unknown to the many great doctors but can cause a great trouble to both baby and parents. When faced such types of colic problems in babies, most of the parents use gripe water as the best remedy to make their baby feel relief from the discomfort of colic problems.


How to use Gripe Water?

Gripe Water Uses - How to Use Gripe Water?
How to Use Gripe Water for Babies?

The best time to give gripe water to your baby is during, or just after the feed as this is the time when the digestive system of your baby is fully active and working in breaking the large enzymes in milk, which can cause the uneasiness and sometimes indigestion problems in the stomach.

At that time, just put the little drops of gripe water in the dropper and let him suck it out, or you can also squeeze it directly into the baby’s mouth. Sometimes it happens that your baby is not able to complete feeding, in that case, you should give gripe water prior to feeding to ease the level of gas in the stomach.

Always give the dose of the gripe water to your baby slowly, don’t aim straight back towards the throat. If you are using gripe water, then you should never mix it with any other fluid. Give a small amount at a time, have proper time gaps in between the two dosages.


Tips For using Gripe Water

  • Always read the ingredients mentioned on the bottle of the gripe water carefully before using it. Check out for the synthetic chemicals and vegetable carbon such as charcoal, as it may cause constipation to your baby. Only buy brands that are having more and more natural ingredients and must avoid those which are having alcohol and sucrose in the ingredient list.
  • Different Gripe water brands have their different list of Do’s and Don’ts instructions, give them a thorough read before using on your baby. Some brands recommend not to give gripe water to a baby who is younger than 1 year old. And almost every brand has their specific guidelines when it comes to how long you should use the product on your baby, so please be sure about the Do’s and Don’ts of each brand.
  • Look for the side effects. Generally, gripe water doesn’t have any side effects on the baby’s health, but it is better to be precautious. Mainly look for the allergies such as hives, itchiness, watery eyes and swelling of the lips.
  • If you are interested in using gripe for your baby, then you shouldn’t just simply trust on internet sources rather consult and ask your child’s pediatrician and discuss the alternate remedies of Gripe water. There are many brands of Gripe water available in the market that are banned in the USA for their harmful effects on baby’s health.

Important Note:

In olden days mothers used to give gripe water to a one-month-old baby, but now it is advised that babies below 6 months shouldn’t be given gripe water. The Use of Gripe Water can lead to various Side effects.


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