Gripe Water for Babies & Newborns

Gripe Water For Babies and Newborns
Giving Gripe Water to Newborn Babies

Gripe Water for Babies: Colic problem in babies cannot be taken as granted, and it certainly is no fun for mothers, either. And while there’s no remedy in the market to stop the crying, doctors do sometimes recommend gripe water to parents who are desperate for something — anything — that can help relieve an upset stomach & colic problem in babies.

Why is Gripe Water given to Newborn babies?

Newborn Babies from age 3 weeks to 3 months are most commonly affected with colic problems. Gripe Water is a natural remedy that is given to Newborn babies to cure the colic and stomach discomfort. Gripe Water is being given to newborn babies for more than a century in many countries.

In 1851, Gripe water was invented in England and soon it became a recommended prescription by Physicians. Babies who used to suffer from colic pain were given Gripe Water. Mothers saw significant relief to their babies. Gripe Water has helped to soothe the babies and control the excessive gas formed due to indigestion and constipation.

Earlier, there were few side-effects of Gripe Water, but during the past years, the formulation of Gripe Water has been improved to make it safer for babies without any side effects. Today, there are a number of brands that produce Gripe Water for baby’s colic relief. Among the present brands available in the market, here are the five Best Gripe Water for Newborn and Babies that mothers should know.

Next important thing while giving Gripe Water to babies is the right dosage. Let us find out.


Gripe Water Dosage for Babies

The dosage of Gripe Water for babies varies according to the age of the baby. Also, the dosage may vary as per the formulation of the Gripe Water you are using. It is very important to read the instruction carefully on the bottle to know the correct dosage as per the age of your baby.

Generally, the dosage of Gripe Water for a baby less than one-month-old is a half teaspoon (2.5 ml) once a day. For babies older than one month and younger than 6 months can be a teaspoon (5ml) twice a day. These are the general dosage instructions that are found common on the Major Gripe Water brands.

In case incorrect dosage of Gripe Water is given to the baby, then there can be visible side effects of Gripe Water on your baby.

Note: It is advised to the parents to consult a physician if you’re in any doubt about the dosage or usage of Gripe Water for baby.


Choosing Best Gripe Water for your Baby

Gripe Water for Newborns & Babies

With so many brands in the market and each claiming to be the best Gripe water, it gets very difficult for mothers to choose the best gripe water for babies. Here is a simple guide to decide which Gripe Water is best for your baby.

  • Check for ingredients – While choosing the gripe water, don’t forget to look at the ingredients before buying. Always buy the Gripe Water that are alcohol-free, sucrose-free and does not contain any vegetable carbon or sodium bicarbonate.
  • Check for Age Limit – Always check if the Gripe Water you’re buying is recommended for use for the age of your baby. Only buy the Gripe water that are specifically made for infants and not adults.
  • Check for Allergies – Normally Gripe water doesn’t give rise to any sort of allergy but if mixed with some other liquid or milk, it can lead to allergies. Always lookout for symptoms of an allergy such as hives, itchiness, watery eyes, swelling of the lips or tongue, trouble swallowing or breathing, vomiting etc.


Popular Brands of Gripe Water for Babies

Gripe Water brands are limited in number and most of these have been around in the market for more than last 10 years. The most popular and most used brand of Gripe water is Woodward’s Gripe Water. It is also the oldest Gripe Water brand in the world. The second brand on the list of popular Gripe water brands is Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water which is another safe option for your baby.
For all the mothers, below is the list of Popular Gripe Water Brands for Babies available in the market.

Gripe Water for Babies is a 150-year-old remedy for colic problems in newborn babies. Basically, Gripe Water is a liquid solution invented for curing the colic problems of babies

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  1. I want to thank you for this post. My 3 years old baby is struggling with colic issues and i was hesitant whether I should use gripe water for my baby or not. While researching about gripe water for babies, i found your post and you just answered almost every doubt I had except one. You mentioned using gripe water for newborns is okay but will it suit my 3 year old boy? Please help me with that.

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