Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we will cover all the Questions about Griper water that a mother of a newly born baby must know.

Q1. What is Gripe Water for Babies?

Ans. Gripe Water is a liquid solution invented for curing the colic problems of babies including gastrointestinal ailments and other stomach discomforts.

Q2. What is Gripe Water used for?

Ans. Gripe Water is an effective remedy which is used to treat colic problems such as Indigestion, teething, gas in stomach and Wind.

Q3. How do you give your baby Gripe Water?

Ans. Always use a dropper, but if dropper is not available then you can use a small spoon. Make sure the baby is sitting upright, and turns your baby head slightly to the side. Don’t hurry! Give it Slowly.

Q4. When can you give a baby Gripe water?

Ans. Gripe water can be given to a baby who is a month old. The dosage should be up to six times in a 24 hours period. It is not advisable to give gripe water to a baby who is less than one month Old, otherwise it could lead to infections.

Q5. Where can you buy Gripe Water for babies?

Ans. You can buy Gripe Water from your nearest medical Store or you can also Buy Online.


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