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What is Gripe Water?

Gripe Water is a 150-year-old remedy for colic problems in newborn babies. Basically, It is a liquid solution invented for curing the colic problems of babies including gastrointestinal ailments and other stomach discomforts. It is regarded as a naturopathic treatment for baby colic issues.

Although, there is not much scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of Gripe Water. But mothers and grandmothers largely believe that it provides significant relief to babies and infants struggling from colic problems.

Most of the ingredients of Gripe Water are harmless for newborn babies except the alcohol and sugar that was present in the very first formulation in 1851.

The original recipe of Gripe Water contained alcohol, dill oil, sodium bicarbonate, sugar, and water. In the United States, Gripe Water is considered as an OTC supplement and not a medicinal drug regulated by FDA.


Gripe Water and Baby Colic Problems

If you have a newborn baby then there are fair chances that you have come across Baby Colic Problems once in a while. It is very important to understand this issue and use the correct remedy to your baby. Let’s first understand what is Baby Colic Problem?


Baby Colic Problem is defined as the condition when a healthy newborn baby keeps crying for more than three hours a day, three days a week and three weeks a month. It occurs mainly during the evenings.


There are many reasons that can cause the colic problem to your baby. Following are the few common causes of colic problems in your baby.

  • Constipation
  • Teething
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Indigestion
  • Lactose Intolerance

If you want to know whether your baby is facing any of these problems then you must check for symptoms of baby colic problems in your newborn baby.

Gripe Water is among the best remedies for the treatment of your baby’s colic problems.


What is the composition of Gripe Water?

The Original recipe of Gripe water by Woodward was composed of water, dill oil, sodium bicarbonate, sugar and 3.6% alcohol. Back in 19th century Britain, Woodward chose the word ‘Gripe’ as gastroenteritis was referred to as watery gripes (reference: NCBI).

In present times, many manufacturers of Gripe Water already skipped Alcohol from the traditional recipe of Gripe water as it is not recommended by Practitioners and Doctors. But few of them still use Alcohol as one of the constituents of the Recipe of Gripe Water. Apart from this, all the ingredients are same such as Sugar, but again the ingredients list could differ based on the country where the Gripe Water is manufactured.

Fact: A Few brands use Artificial Sweeteners in place of Sugar.


How does Gripe Water work?

Gripe Water is believed to be a low-risk remedy of colic in babies. It soothes your baby by reducing the gastrointestinal pain that is believed to be the main cause of the colic problem.

The main ingredients of Gripe Water such as dill licorice, fennel, and ginger relieves stomach discomfort. Thus the baby stops crying and feels good.

Also during the teething period, the salivary glands produce acidic chemical. Due to which baby’s stomach gets gassy and digestion becomes irregular. Gripe Water helps to reduce the gas and improves digestion in babies.

Although the alcohol content in the Gripe Water is reduced to almost zero but the other herbal ingredients present in it helps in better sleep for the baby. And when your baby sleeps better you will also sleep better.

Benefits of Gripe Water For Newborns
Gripe Water helps Baby to have Better Sleep.

As recommended by many mothers and grandmothers around the world, Gripe Water can be a great homemade remedy to cure colic problems. Apart from baby colic, there are many other uses of gripe water that a mother should know!


Benefits of Gripe Water

  • In terms of medicinal properties, Gripe Water is a natural remedy which generally does not affect your baby if given as per the correct dosage. While other allopathic medicines can be allergic for your newborn baby.
  • In older times, Gripe water was formulated with alcohol but now most Gripe Water brands are alcohol-free. It makes them absolutely safe for babies & newborns.
  • Gripe water is very easy to use for parents. Most medicines do no taste well and that’s why it becomes hard to give them to infants and babies. But, Gripe Water is sweet in taste due to which babies can easily take it without much trouble to parents especially mothers.
  • Another benefit of Gripe Water is that it is easily available in the medicine stores. You won’t search for shops as it also available online under various brands, unlike other medicines.
  • Gripe Water also takes comparatively less time to work and relieve your baby with stomach discomfort. Each baby is different so the time could vary but it is believed to do its magic pretty soon after giving the dose.
  • Most importantly, the benefit of Gripe Water is that it works. Gripe Water is reported to have worked in most cases of baby colic issues as per the experiences of Mothers.


How Safe is Gripe Water for Babies?

This is the most frequently asked questions about the use of Gripe Water for baby colic problems – “Is Gripe Water Safe for Babies”? Many mothers believe that it contains herbs that are natural and it will not harm the baby. But there are parents who think otherwise that Gripe Water is not an FDA regulated medicine in the USA, so it can harm.

Let’s find out the truth as we tell when Gripe Water is safe and when it’s not.

Properties of a Safe Gripe Water

  • Must not contain Alcohol – Researches have shown that giving alcohol, even in small percentages, to the newborn baby can be very harmful to baby’s health resulting into brain impairment, nutritional deficiency etc.
  • No sugar – Sugar or sucrose is one of the main ingredients of the original recipe of Gripe Water. But it was found that repeated dosage of sucrose can cause harm to your baby. Instead, Fruit sugar (fructose) is a safer ingredient of Gripe Water.
  • No Sodium Bicarbonate – Another common ingredient of Gripe water is Sodium bicarbonate. It is a chemical that is used in anta-acid that helps relieve the gas. But it is found that Sodium Bicarbonate gets absorbed in the blood vessels of the newborn babies and then into the blood. This can cause severe harm to your baby’s health.
  • Correct Dosage – Apart from the ingredients, it is very important to give correct dosage in order to use Gripe Water safely. Irregular or overdose of Gripe Water is going to have adverse effects on your baby’s health.
Read more details about Gripe Water for Babies and its importance.


Alternatives to Gripe Water

While the use this years old remedy is somehow a topic of debate and their are some other colic remedies too for the same.

If you are still not quite convinced to give gripe water to your baby, you can consider the following activities as alternatives of gripe water.

  • Give a massage to your baby.
  • Wrap up your baby nice and tight in a warm blanket.
  • Apply pressure on the tummy (Light Pressure).
  • Try a song and distract your baby.


Frequently Asked Question About Gripe Water

Well, we keep talking to mothers and even receive a lot of questions about gripe water and its uses for babies. I am sure you must be having similar queries and these answers will definitely help you a lot.

Ques. How do you give your baby Gripe Water?

Ans. Always use a dropper, but if dropper is not available then you can use a small spoon. Make sure the baby is sitting upright, and turns your baby head slightly to the side. Don’t hurry! Give it Slowly.

Ques. When can you give a baby Gripe water?

Ans. Gripe water can be given to a baby who is a month old. The dosage should be up to six times in a 24 hours period. It is not advisable to give gripe water to a baby who is less than one month Old, otherwise it could lead to infections.

Ques. Where can you buy Gripe Water for babies?

Ans. You can buy Gripe Water from your nearest medical Store or you can also Buy Online.


Read More FAQs about gripe water and if you have any other specific query related to gripe water, comment below.


Do you have any experience to share with us related to the usage of Gripe Water? Do you have any question to ask? If yes, then please do share your experiences and questions in the comments below.


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  1. I was so confused about giving Gripe Water to my baby. Thanks Stephanie for giving information. Now I know what Gripe Water is safe for my baby. 🙂

  2. Thank you for such a well-explained article.. cleared all my doubts about gripe water.. my younger one has been facing colic problem and someone suggested to use gripe water for relief.. But i never take any risk with my baby so i started searching the uses of gripe water and whether gripe water is safe at all for babies.. After reading this, now, i am almost clear but there’s a small doubt in my mind, what kind of food or liquid i can give my baby before or after giving him gripe water?

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